Pool Portal

The world’s first dedicated marketplace for “zero party” data direct from users

Third party data is on borrowed time. Cookies are being deleted. Mobile tracking is being shut off. 

If you’re in marketing, analytics, advertising or working for a big brand, first party data just can’t fill the gaps. 

The future is zero party data: information shared directly by people that have a stake in monetizing it. 

Portal is the world’s first data marketplace focused on retailing zero party data sets.

Zero party data means zero headache: quality data about people has never been easier to view, test, and purchase. 

All this comes together in our marketplace:

Static and dynamic data

With Portal, buyers can access, blend and analyse zero party data in batch file or streamed (coming soon). Now you can target the appropriate, consented demographics, monitor performance and improve existing campaigns with far more persistence.

USD and crypto payments accepted

Portal provides payment rails and an audit trail so buyers can purchase data products and subscriptions in FIAT currency, integrated with leading payment gateways and accounting standards. Onboard once, so you can order custom data sets from people who are in business to source data as a product, not a by-product.

Covering browsing, mobile, finance, location and wearables

Sustainably-sourced, high quality data sets from browser plugins and mobile apps, through geolocation and consumer banking to connected devices. This creates rich profiles and insights, while our Governance Code, KYC, AML a fraud checking, and clear data dictionaries offer consistency and peace of mind.

On the roadmap: analytics and insight

In 2023 we’ll be launching configurable dashboards and integration tools for custom analytics reporting and easy to access answers to your queries.