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What is Pocket?

Pocket is a revolutionary new way of transforming the data economy for people and business. 

Privacy regulation, anti-tracking measures and the end of 3rd party cookies makes it increasingly difficult for e-commerce platforms and publishers that aren’t Big Tech, to know and serve their customers. 

People feel increasingly disempowered with consent screens and privacy intrusions that give them nothing in return. 

Pocket solves this. By signing in using Pocket, our members can pay direct from their bank and also share their audience information with the brands they love. In return they get the best deals, offers and exclusive access. All with a few clicks.

Zero party data

Zero party data

Pocket inverts the cookie model. Instead of websites and digital retailers forcing cookies on users to gather valuable insights, Pocket members bring their browsing and commerce profiles to the brands they trust. We're making sharing information a rewarding experience.

When users login through Pocket's single sign on solution, site owners can ask to subscribe to a Pocket member's feed, or request consent for a one-off view of their profile information.

Across developed markets, over half of people are "data pragmatists", willing to share their data as long as there is a clear benefit to them*. What can your brand offer in return?

*GDMA 2022 Report, Global Data Privacy: What Consumers Really Think

survey of 20,626 people across 16 countries  

How we collect and share data 

How we collect and share data 

When users onboard, they connect their clickstream and commerce data from their bank. Pocket turns this into a user “feed” which relays member’s interests and habits, and is based on the standard IAB taxonomy. Those profiles can only be shared with a Pocket member’s express permission via key signature. All raw data is encrypted via a Pocket member’s private key and can only be decrypted by the Pocket member.

If you'd like to discuss custom audience profiles, reach out to Pool, the team building Pocket.

Join our waitlist

Join our waitlist

We will be launching Pocket in Q4 this year. If your company would like to join the waitlist or discuss custom audience profiles, our simple pricing models or just find out more about what Pocket can do for you, reach out to Pool, the company building Pocket, today.

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