Our Platform

POOL makes it easy to manage business and governance structures, known as Data Unions from creation through to data aggregation, payment and buyer engagement.

We do this by focusing on three core features:


Pool provides a platform and associated services to support Data Unions to develop, scale and monetize.

Learning from existing Data Union frameworks in the Web3 space, and seeking to simplify the complex technology required for to scale, Pool is building a platform which contains five main product offerings:

Our Ecosystem

Data Working for Everyone

Pool is not only generating products and a technology offering for Data Unions, but also the fabric by which the entities connect to aggregate data and data buyers. In order to do this, the ecosystem must become more mature through enablement of new Data Union companies and/or the integration of existing businesses to the Data Union model of governance and payment.

We aim to accelerate this process by creating the materials, education, and mentorship necessary to establish Data Unions, grow their user bases, and sell their data through our real-time marketplace.

To do this, we plan to accelerate companies through a 30-step process, where we’ve identified all the areas of coverage necessary to create a successful Data Union.

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