Still lots to design for this such as a cms for Data Unions so they can populate their pages. The buyer’s lounge needs completing, login needs expanding, plus other features. It would also be great to move all the next phase of design over to Figma which will require time to set up all the components and learn best practice ways of creating a robust design system.

Pool Token

Introducing the Pool Token

Self-sovereign data is blockchain’s next killer app, unlocking the $4 trillion in equity market cap tied up in companies built on siloed information. 

Pool's ecosystem of data unions are harnessing the power of the Web3 data economy; transforming users into members, so they can control, share and earn from their data. 

Launching in Q3 2022, Pool's ERC-20 token will be backed by the support of dozens of data unions and hundreds of thousands of their members worldwide. 

Pool's token has wide use across the platform: staking to activate discounts for Data Union Operators, facilitating governance, creating an engaged community and maintaining high standards on our data marketplace.

Roadmap & Team

Pool has assembled one of the strongest multi-discipline teams in Web3, from technology through to business, governance and crypto. Click here to discover more about the people behind the project  

Revenue model

Revenue model

By enabling the creation of new, high quality and fairly sourced data streams, Pool will earn a 5% cut from the inflow of tens and eventually hundreds of millions of dollars in new products and queries to our raw data layer. 

Pool is structured as a foundation with no equity shareholders, so this revenue will be directed back towards growth of the overall ecosystem.

Revenue generated within the Pool ecosystem is managed through our smart contracts, even if other mechanisms or marketplaces are used to pay for data products and distributed among the community as shown below: 

Token use

Pool’s token sits at the heart of our platform and products, enabling network discounts for data unions, facilitating governance and ensuring product reputations. 

Our highly simple, deflationary, tokenomics model ensures scarcity over time; everytime there are buyer payments on the marketplace, the backend smart contract will automatically burn Pool’s tokens. It’s the same model that powers the success of $BNB and $ETH. The more utility there is, the rarer, Pool tokens become until only 50% of them are left.  

Key uses are as follows:

Token distribution & Use of Funds

Token distribution & Use of Funds

Pool completed an oversubscribed private investors and seed round in 2021, raising a total of $3.7 million to gather a multi-discipline team, build proof-of-concept for our core tech and incubate our first cohort of data unions. With the upcoming token sale, we will be opening a public fundraising round from a fixed total supply of 100,000,000 tokens.  

These new funds will be used to complete development of our data marketplace, wallet and payment rails so we are ready to invest in and scale the first dozen data unions to drive the growth of our new data ecosystem. For the first time, data union members and public investors can join in at the ground level for what we and others are now calling The Dataverse.