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The world’s first dedicated marketplace for “zero party” data direct from users

Data working for everyone

Infrastructure for a fairer data economy

Pool’s purpose is simple: to redistribute power, value and control in the data economy.

How are we doing this?

Pool's platform supports organizations who enable ordinary people to monetize and share their data. We call these Data Unions. And because those people are positively engaged in sharing their information, data products on Pool’s platform are richer, more relevant, and far easier to license. It’s data working for everyone.

More than infrastructure

More than infrastructure

Building data products

Besides delivering a technology solution for data aggregation, query and monetisation, we are building a suite of user-facing products for data buyers, Data Union Operators and their members.

The Vision

The Vision

Holistic data solution

Learning from existing Data Union frameworks in the Web3 space, Pool is building a platform which contains five main product offerings

Our Platform

Benefiting everyone

These are the features and services we are building that will make Pool not just a useful and valuable service for Data Union Operators and their members, but an enticing destination for data buyers as well.

How Pool Works

Create, Share & Earn

Data Unions draw their members’ data into a productizable pool of information. When those data sets are purchased by data buyers, both the DU Operators (DUOs) and their members get paid. Share and Earn.

Payments to members and DUOs are made in $USDC and platform activity is underpinned by $POOL, the ERC-20 token which sits at the heart of the Pool service model.

About Us

The people behind pool

Meet our team of leading experts in building and growing data ecosystems.


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